High School Tech Camps

Looking for Hands-On Tech Camps for Summer 2018?

These FREE summer High School Tech Camps provide a real-world technology experience that puts students in the role of creating and designing with technology.  In addition to developing in-demand technical and 21st-century skills, the students are exposed to professionals from the sponsoring companies and get first hand experience at local colleges and universities. Students will be selected for each camp based on their applications, essay and teacher’s recommendation. Enrollment is limited to 20 students at each camp session.

Who Can Apply: Rising 9th through 12th graders who attend high school in Northeast Ohio are eligible to applyAll applications require a completed Teacher Recommendation form.  

2018 Camps Confirmed:

  • Programming Camp:  This camp will introduce high school students to C# programming and computer science concepts. Students will learn by doing, with hands-on labs and challenges that are based on real problems that software developers encounter every day. Students will use the industry standard Visual Studio integrated development environment throughout their camp experience. The camp will conclude with the completion of a final project with set criteria.
  • Cybersecurity Camp:  This camp will introduce high school students to the concept of Cybersecurity. Through the implementation of various hands-on labs and challenges, students will learn to recognize and find cyber security vulnerabilities, as well as strengthen cyber security practices, all based on real-world circumstances.

When:  Camps run June 4 through mid-August.  Camp slots are going fast as the first round of applications due April 30 are being reviewed.  Additional applications received during the month of May will be reviewed to fill any open seats.

Where:  Specific camp dates and locations can be found in the application.


 For more information about TECH CORPS, visit this link.  




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