High Schools Rewards

Teachers make the difference!

Let us Reward you!

Through your support we are able to reach students with information that could impact their future education and career decisions. Information Technology jobs are some of the most in-demand jobs in the region.

Employers are funding these programs because they need future talent to fill this growing demand. Students have the potential to pursue well-paying careers with growth opportunities.

REWARDS PROGRAM: RITE Premier Teachers and RITE Premier Schools
Be recognized as a RITE Premier Teacher and receive a $200 gift card when you participate in two or more qualifying Get IT Here, and RITE Partner programs. And when you qualify, your school qualifies as a RITE Premier School. When you enroll in two or more programs you and your school will receive:

  1. Official “RITE Premier School” certificate awarded to your school
  2. $200 gift card – with no strings attached – awarded to qualifying teacher

RITE PORTFOLIO PROGRAMS: These are programs RITE manages and offers to regional high schools.

These are programs RITE manages and offers to regional high schools.

  1. Site Visits: An opportunity for students to visit local companies and learn about IT careers first hand.
  2. The CoolTech Challenge: Students compete for prizes using their best app and web site ideas. They can also share their work at Passport to IT Careers in March 2018.
  3. Summer Coding Camp (in collaboration with TECH CORPS):  This is a hands-on week-long learning experience located at local colleges in the region.
  4. Passport to IT Careers: Students, employers, and colleges from across the Northeast Ohio region and employers meet to inform students about IT careers, regional educational options and local employer opportunities.
  5. UP Close in IT: Schools in Lorain County attend a half-day event where students learn about IT careers an educational options while also participating in three hands-on IT experiences.
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