The Master in Communication is an interdisciplinary career that includes the training of graduates from various areas of the social and human sciences.

The career is articulated through a series of lines of work based in different areas and research programs that focus directly or indirectly on the analysis of various aspects of social reality, integrating the theoretical contributions and Methodological aspects that can be carried out by professors and researchers of said institution.

How to choose the theme for your Communication Dissertation?

Innovation must be cherished when choosing the theme of your Ready-to-Communicate Dissertation. And how to choose the theme?

To facilitate your choice of the theme of your Dissertation Ready in Communication, the Monograph World Team has prepared a list of topic suggestions – Especially for you who are post-graduating in Communication courses. Check out:

Suggested Topics – Dissertation Ready in Communication

→ The Communication Department in the Medical Area

→ The Contribution of the Reader in Printed Journalism

→ General Discussion

→ Charges on the Internet

→ The Role of Media

→ The Effects of Subliminal Message

→ Politics Versus Media

→ Electronic Vote: Socio-Economic and Political Aspects

→ Institutional Communication

→ Social Communication

→ Planning for Integrated Marketing Communication

Here are some sample communication thesis topics

• Diagnosis of Internal Communication in a Higher Level Institution

• Video installation and postmodern communication

• Analysis of the content of the commercial announcements transmitted in the programs with greater hearing.

• Proposed educational television program for children: Analysis of audience and production

• Proposed manual of fundamentals and identity manual for the Integral Center of Photography

These are just a few suggestions for topics for Ready Dissertation in Communication.

Pre-research project

Directed to the research line chosen by the candidate, can be delivered until the moment before the beginning of the first test of the selection process (dissertation). Click here to get the pre-project template.

Once approved in the selection process, the student receives an indication of the supervisor who will accompany him in his research throughout the course. The choice is based on the line of research in which the student is located and his research project. The guidance of the advisor is made by the Collegiate.

The student who enrolls without having participated or without having been approved in the selection process is in the condition of the special student. Once approved in a subsequent selection process, from the moment he enrolls as a regular student, he may convert up to two courses attended as a special student.

Enrollment as a special student is subject to prior evaluation of the candidate’s curriculum and intentions. The dates for this type of registration are included in the edict of the selection process.

To choose the Master’s degree, the student must submit to oral defense a written thesis that will consist of an academic research work, whose subject matter is directly related to some of the problems developed in the Master’s.

The Master’s thesis should demonstrate the critical study of relevant information regarding the specific topic or problem and the conceptual and methodological management of the research activity proposed by the student.

A faculty bank of the graduate program will be formed, indicating its thematic specialization lines to define the potential tutors and then the election of the director. If the proposed director is not a professor of communication, the student must have a co-director of the University.

While pursuing a Master’s in Communication, you will learn about financial Communication, crisis communication, consumer relations, internal communication, government relations, and more. He will have to devote himself to the study of politics, economics, marketing, social sciences, and ethics. Communication can also be an international area, so knowing or learning multiple languages can be a huge advantage.

Explore the universities and programs listed below. You can contact the universities directly and ask for information. Make the most of your skills in dealing with people and take a Master of Communication! The juries for the thesis defense must be university professors or researchers or professional experts of recognized prestige, of which at least one will be external to the University.

The most important research work is the Master’s Dissertation. The student, when presenting himself to the selection process, brings with him his research project and, once approved, receives from the beginning of the course the appointment of an advisor, who will accompany him throughout the Master’s period.