Do you want to know how to write an essay in the best way, to capture the attention of the teacher or manager to whom you will propose it? In this article, we intend to provide all the advice on how to write a text that can be classified as a communication essay.

It is not just a type of text that is tested for maturity, but it is possible to have to confront this text even during university. Many professors of the most varied faculties want to focus on the writing skills of the subscribers, encouraging them to search for information, process it and write the contents in writing.

Therefore, in this article, the staff of Unicusano will provide guidelines on how to do an essay, how this should be written and the characteristics that it must possess to respect the qualification of the short essay.

You are ready? Here are the tips for writing a short essay …

Perfect short essay: here are the tips to follow

Let us first define this type of text: the short essay is based on documentation that will have to be analyzed synthetically, while much more in-depth – in the text – must be the reflection on the contents.

Therefore, to write a good short essay, the student will have to demonstrate a capacity for reflection, understanding, criticism, personal skills, and synthetic writing skills.

In short, if you have come to read this far, here is what you need to do to write a short essay:

Reading and analysis of the documentation

It is not possible to start writing a short essay without first carefully consulting all the documentation provided (or recovered).

Reading texts is essential not only to have a complete overview of what has already been said on the subject but it will also be the vehicle for the formation of new ideas. If ideas come to mind, reading, it is good to write them down in the form of questions to be expanded later during the essay.

Furthermore, having complete knowledge of the sources will also be essential to understand if there are gaps to fill, questions to answer or the arguments already set out to be refuted.

Draw up a ladder

As with any text that must have the right structure and a good alternation between the introduction, argumentation, and conclusion (respecting a precise number of words) the primary drafting of a lineup is fundamental.

To write the outline of a short essay you can opt for various methodologies – all related to the need to organize the drafting of the text. Some prefer the ladder as a bulleted list where the elements will have to be inserted in order of how they will then be dealt with and deepened in the text and there is, instead, those who prefer a tree structure where the various related topics unravel from the central concept.

Always refer to texts and documents

When you go to expose your theories within an essay, it is important never to use the first person singular: no phrases like “I believe that …” or “my opinion is the following …”; it is a good rule to always opt for an impersonal form, letting believe – in this way – that written opinion is widely shared.

Finally, as far as possible, it is good to always try to validate the theses and personal ideas expressed in the text with quotations, references to texts or documents, to conferences, to documentaries … all this will serve to validate the thesis and to make the teacher aware of a wider research work – which does not stop only with the documents provided.

Choose an impact title

It is not strange that this point is at the end of the “things to do”: to decide the title of a short essay it is already necessary to have written it and therefore outlined not only its structure but also the precise contents and having expressed the own opinions.

Like all effective titles that are respected, even that of the essay must be able to “catch” the attention of the reader, forcing him to continue reading. You can use a very short quote or – even better – a question or a change of perspective. What matters is that the phrase chosen is effective and – of course – in line with the contents of the text.