The themes of the essay are very diverse since the nature of the genre allows practically any question to be addressed. In general, essays address subjects in social sciences or humanities. That is why they occupy an important place in academic work.

Essays can talk about politics, art, or literature. However, not everything can be the object of the test; such is the case of science and technology. In these cases, it is very difficult to treat the subject essentially.

How to get good communication essay topics? Most essay topics are mostly topics of the humanities because the flexibility of the genre agrees with the qualitative nature of these disciplines. This means that the qualitative aspects of a human discipline are favorable to take a position and argue it. Also, multiple opinions may arise around the same topic that enriches the issue.

Types of communication essay

The different types of tests respond to several classification criteria, either depending on the approach or its structure or composition. The first case proposes that the essays can be argumentative, expository or analytical. These are the writings most used in the different school levels and are relatively easy to master.

The second case suggests that the trials are classified according to the structure they use. That is to say, an essay can be of deductive, inductive, by definition, of comparison, cause, and effect, etc. Such categories are common in the academic essays required at universities. In summary, the essays can be grouped into classes depending on their approach or composition structure.

Argumentative essays

Among the most common types of essays, the argumentative type occupies a leading role because it is the most used and allows one to defend a position. Most of the essays that have reached the rank of classics in the literature belong to this category. They are considered excellent vehicles for issuing a formal opinion, as the structure is consistent and the use of constant arguments.

In general terms, the argumentative essay aims to persuade readers about some issues. At the school level, they are complicated writings since they require mastery of the subject. Without this requirement, it is impossible to take a position and defend it. In short, we will say that it is the kind of essay par excellence whose basis is argumentation.

Exhibition essays

Within the types of essays, the expositions are those that describe, classify, order and expose a certain topic. This category is less popular than the argumentative type. This is because the expository character is linked to the school rather than the creative one. However, as an academic tool, they are excellent resources for demonstrating and evaluating knowledge.

In comparison with an argumentative text, it is sufficient to expose in an orderly manner all aspects of a topic. Also, we must bear in mind that the exhibition essay will be able to define, explain and describe at the same time. Finally, the expository essay responds to a logical systematization of the points to be treated. It never lacks a process of planning and reflection.

Analytical tests

An analytical essay is one in which a subject is broken down into all its parts, to examine its particularities and relationships with each other. This category occupies a special place among the test types due to its thoroughness. The work of analysis is typical of academics, therefore they will not be recommended in lower school grades. However, as a study tool, they are valuable for understanding a topic.

Elaborating an analytical essay implies an arduous work of logical systematization. The writer must be able to fragment the subject in its minimum parts, evaluate them and re-integrate them. In short, this essay form is very specialized since it implies exceptional handling of the subject in question.

Definition essays

Another type of essay corresponds to those that resort to the definition, its structure allows us to analyze the aspects of a subject. In terms of composition, a preliminary definition is first defined. Then each of the defining elements must be addressed. There is no limit as long as they are relevant. Once this process is completed, the definition is constructed, which takes the place of the thesis.

It is necessary to clarify that despite the similarities with the inductive or analytical type the intention is to define.


In general, topics with potential generate diverse and even conflicting opinions. This is because they are controversial and relevant. In conclusion, current and relevant topics are ideal to start writing essays.