Currently, essay writing services have become famous among many students as they find themselves with many assignments that they cannot complete within the stipulated time. Due to increased demand for pre-written essays, many companies have emerged. Thus, if you are new into the essay writing field you may be confused as to which company is genuine and which one is not. If you wish to know a reliable essay writing company then the tips below.

Avoid going for cheap essay service

You need to avoid sites that offer cheap essays within a few hours. In many cases when you place your order from such sites you may risk getting low-quality content, plagiarized work, spanned content and copied content. Remember for one to offer you high-quality content he/she must spend a lot of time doing enough research and writing high-quality content. At the end of the day, he/she will charge you a high rate. This means if you wish to get reliable high-quality essay writing services you be prepared to spend a lot of money. Even if you are operating on a strict budget you should avoid rushing for cheap essays.

2. Reading the reviews of the clients

As you strive to get a cheap reliable essay writing service you can read the comments given out by the clients who have worked with the person or company you wish to hire. If the reviews match your expectations, then you can be assured that the client might write the kind of essays you expect.

3. Know the writing terms

Engage the clients or companies to know their writing terms. If possible you can select a company that can do all revisions for free. Ensure they have a guarantee that they cannot try to resell your essay and will deliver the essay on time. It’s important if they have writing terms that favor you. Also, ensure there is direct communication between you and writers so that in case you wish them to do some revisions, you can inform them directly without following the entire communication channels. You must agree with the writer if he/she can write the essay within the agreed time. If he/she cannot complete then you can offer room for negotiation and see if you can add some extra time.

4. 24/7 customer service

You must select a company that when you try to communicate with them you will find them available regardless of the time of the day. Your studies are important thus you cannot afford the issue of unavailability. It’s also not reasonable for you to trust someone who will fail you when you seriously need him/her.

5. Wide range of services

If you wish to get a reliable essay writing service you should avoid hiring one which specializes in a few essay writing assignments since it will indicate the writers do not have a wide range in writing essays. Therefore, a reliable essay writing service must be a one-stop-shop where you can get many of the common writing disciplines.

6. Request for writing samples

Another best way of identifying a reliable writing service is by requesting for samples. In many cases, an incompetent service will offer samples that are not within their writing niche to entice you. The best way you can verify this is by conducting a plagiarism check so that you can determine the validity of such samples.

Also, by demanding a sample is to verify the claims of the clients may have about their experience on the topics that you are dealing with. Through the samples, you can also conduct other checks such as the writing style, level of language and quality of content. Thus you need to take your time to read the whole sample to know the weaknesses and strengths of the writer you wish to choose.

You can also request for the academic qualifications of the writers so that you know what fields they have specialized in.

7. Referrals from your close friends

In case you have friends who rely on writing services then you can approach them for assistance as they may be in a better position of advising you on how the get the best writer. You can ask them about their experience with the writing service providers that you are planning to contact. You can get views from various friends to easily determine the best writing services. Avoid relying on a single source.